Thursday, March 08, 2012

Quiz Questions from Sunday 4th March

Current affairs
Who will represent Great Britain at the Eurovision Song contest?
& what’s his real name..?
Which team won the African Cup of Nations?
What flavour is the new variant of Philadelphia cheese spread, on sale last month?
Which anniversary (how many years) is the BBC World Service currently celebrating?
Which major bank was this week revealed to have avoided £500m in tax?
The MP Eric Joyce got into trouble last week for doing what in one of the House of Commons bars?
Why did the France v Ireland Six Nations rugby match of February 11th have to be postponed?
What amount did News International offer Charlotte Church to settle phone hacking case?
What is the name of Emma Harrison's company, in trouble over unpaid work placements?

Picture Round
The theme this month was 'conflicts' - picture sof two people from a famous conflict or argument, so Nixon-Frost, Paxman-Howard, Haye-Chizora and more

Music Round
One hit wonders - artists who are almost entirely known for one big hit, including Chumbawumba, The Rembrandts, The Timelords, Charles & Eddie, and more

Magazines - How much do these weekly magazines cost – to the nearest 10%
The Economist
Take a Break
Big Issue

Leap years
By the original tradition, were women allowed to propose marriage on any day of a leap year, or only on 29th February?
Was the year 1900 a leap year?
Was the year 2000 a leap year?
In which year were the Oscars last held on 29th February?
2012 will also see the addition of a leap second - true or false?

General Knowledge
Who was the main star of the Oscar winning animation Rango?
Which iconic London object or symbol does the company Manganese Bronze make?
Which country uses the internet domain suffix .PL
Which type of for a or fauna is used as a collective name for the best US universities
In what century was the word Dinosaur first used?
How many million years ago did the dinosaurs become extinct (to nearest whole million, +/-1m)?
With which area of the UK are the poets William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Robert Southey most associated?
Hibernia is the ancient classical name for which island?
Name the cleric who famously warned of the dangers of population growth in 1798
The Graces, Pollocks and Headleys are all famous family dynasties in which sport?

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