Monday, April 02, 2012

Quiz Questions from Sunday 1st April

Current Affairs
Who is the new MP for Bradford West?
Why did the value of Gregg’s The Baker fall by £30m in one day in March?
A 2nd class stamp currently costs 36p…  what will it cost after price rises come into effect?  (10%)
How many months were there between Tiger Wood’s most recent win, & the previous (10%)
In which British city is the Titanic museum?
ITV's new drama, starting this Sunday evening, centres around which historical event?
Why are there protests around the Dow Chemical company's involvement in the Olympics?
According to disgraced Tory treasurer Peter Cruddas, what range of donation would be needed for dinner with David Cameron and access to the policy committee?
The 50p tax rate, cut to 45p in the budget, is paid on any earnings in excess of what?
Which four teams will contest the FA Cup semi-finals this month?

Picture Round
In honour of April Fools' Day we had pictures of TV sketch shows, including Dick Emery, Not The Nine O'Clock News, Little Miss Jocelyn and others.  This was pretty difficult for most teams.

Music Round
Cover Versions - teams had to identify the original songs & artists from the often arcane cover version, including this one

Kids’ Jokes
What do you get if you cross a sheep with a kangaroo?
What did the policemen say to his tummy?
What did the Spanish farmer say to his hen?
Which cheese is made backwards?
What happened to the cat that swallowed a ball of wool?

What did recently published research in the journal 'Science'  suggest is causing a decline in bee populations?
Ratty' from the Wind in the Willows is actually what kind of creature?
What type of tree is symbolically most associated with England?
Are cumulonimbus clouds associated with: (a) fair weather, (b) drizzle or (c) thunderstorms?
What is the term for the point where two rivers join?

General Knowledge
Who played the ‘Twins’ in the comedy film of the same name?
What is the blind athlete Lucas Prado’s world record time for the 100m (set in Beijing) (10%)
What is the deodorant Lynx known as in most other parts of the world?
What sport do the Boston Bruins play?
In what decade was the game Pictionary first produced?
Which famous battle happened in the year 1415?
To which two London terminus stations can you catch a direct train from Clapham High Street station?
What is the predominant type of radiation which we feel as heat?
What number is closest to the total annual value of Scotch whisky exports: £400,000, £4m or £4bn?
Which comedian created the character Loadsamoney?

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