Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Quiz Questions from Sunday 6th May

Current Affairs
Which party came third in the London Mayoral elections?
Which British author’s new book is going to be called The Casual Vacancy?
Which British actor has been cast as Nelson Mandela in a new film?
How many versions of the picture The Scream did Edvard Munch create (& still exist)?
Which band or act is representing Scotland at the Olympic opening gig?
What is the recently unveiled motto of the 2012 Olympics?
In what US state is the Springfield recently revealed as the inspiration for Springfield in The Simpsons (although later denied)?
To whom was the now-resigned Adam Smith an adviser?
According to data released last month, Britiain is now officially back in recession.  By what fraction of a percent did the UK economy contract in the first 3 months of this year?
What decade was the subject of Dominic Sandbrook's recent TV series?

Picture Round
The theme was video games, and this encompassed everything from Pong to Where's My Water?.  Most teams found the older games easier to recognise than the neweer ones!

Music Round
A music round with a difference this month - we played 10 songs and teams had to say which film they appeared in - so Lust For Life (Trainspotting), Love is All Around (4 Weddings), and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Mary Poppins)

Coming 2nd
Which single was no. 2 in the UK singles chart on day of the Queens’s Silver  Jubilee in 1977?
Which is Sweden’s 2nd biggest city (by population)
Who did the producers originally cast as Indiana Jones, before switching to their 2nd choice?
Who won BGT the year Susan Boyle came second?
What American TV show was originally going to be called Across The Hall?

British History
In which century did the Romans mount their successful invasion of Britain?
In 1066, how many kings died on British battlefields?
In what decade did Britain's last peacetime coalition government assume power?
In what decade did the Republic of Ireland become independent from the UK?
Which King George was infamous for his 'madness'?

General Knowledge
What is the French word for Apple?
What sort of (which country's) food would you find at the restaurant Benito’s Hat?
In which country did the chain Nando’s start?
How many teenage girls give birth in England & Wales per 1000 girls? (to nearest 20%)
For which item of clothing is the designer Christian Louboutin best known?
The hallucinogen psilocybin is produced by what type of organisms?
How many separate counties does the M25 pass through?
What is the most northerly destination in the UK to receive a regular sleeper train service?
Which is the densest metal out of Lead, Mercury or Silver?
After the US and Soviet Union, which was the third country to launch a vehicle into space?

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