Thursday, June 07, 2012

Quiz Questions from Sunday 3rd June

Current Affairs
What did David Cameron think LOL meant?
What have Marmite & Kit Kat been re-named for the Jubilee? (1 pt each)
What will Andy Carroll’s squad number be at Euro 2012?
How many years older than Spaghetti Junction is The Golden Gate Bridge? (to nearest 20%)
How much did Olympic relay runners have to pay for their torches (if they kept them)?
Which was the only country to finish below Britain at Eurovision?
Dominic West won the best actor Bafta for his portrayal of whom?
On what date will the first two matches of Euro 2012 be played?
Who did England defeat at Lord's and Trent Bridge last month?
At what price did facebook shares start trading?

Picture Round
The theme was Kings & Queens of England - from Canute to QEII

Music Round
Again a royal theme - Queen, Fresh Prince, Kings of Leon, Charles & Eddie, Fergie...

Jubilee Decades – Name the decade from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s (1 repeated)
Ridley Scott’s film Alien was released
Black and white £5 notes cease to be legal tender in the UK?
Nigel Lawson resigned as Chancellor of the Exchequer
The actor Steve McFadden & the singer Sheena Easton were born?
Adam and the Ants had the best selling album with Kings of the Wild Frontier?

Which of the following events does not mark a 100th anniversary in 2012: loss of the Titanic, Scott's last expedition, the great San Francisco earthquake or the first synthesis of ecstasy?
2011 saw a landmark anniversary of the start of the American Civil War - but for how many years since the start of the war?
Should the current Queen still be reigning in 2022, what type of Jubilee will she be celebrating?
In total, how many British monarchs have celebrated a Diamond Jubilee?
What wedding anniversary do you mark after 1 year?

General Knowledge
Who plays drums for Queen?
What shirt no. did rugby player Brian Moore wear?
Which British organisation or company was briefly renamed Consignia?
Do standard batteries use alternating current or direct current?
In which city is the magazine Viz produced?
The MSC promotes sustainable varieties of which food type?
Which is the only major world river to cross the Equator twice?
Which author wrote 'For Whom The Bell Tolls'?
The Jazz Singer is considered the first authentic, full-length talking film - but in which decade did it appear?
With which musical-sounding architect would you associate the Shard?

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