Thursday, August 09, 2012

Quiz Questions from Sunday 5th August - Olympics Special

Current Affairs
Who is BBC R1's new Breakfast host?
When did a Frenchman last win the Tour de France (5 years either side)
What is the name of the new underground extension to Tate Modern?
At the Olympic opening ceremony, who tweeted 'This is for everyone'
According to Facebook, how many of their 945m accounts are ‘fake’? (10%)
Who won Team GB's first medal of the Olympics?
Britain's recession worsened in the second quarter of the year.  By what percentage did UK GDP decline between April and June?
At which cricket ground did South Africa score a big win over England, in the opening test of the series?
Who resigned this week as UN Envoy to Syria?
Which radical American author, playwright amd essayist died at the age of 86 this week?

Picture Round 
The theme was Olympics, and the pictures were of key Olympic moments.  Teams had to say the year they happened, from a list

Music Round
Songs that had been no. 1 at the time of an Olympic Games; everything from Wannabe to Don't Go Beaking My Heart

Specialist - Oympics
How many of these items are banned from the Olympic Park?  Frisbees, Nike Trainers, Pepsi T-Shirts, Vuvuzelas
True of false - shooting with real pigeons has featured in the modern Olympics (i.e. since 18th C)
In what year was Beach Volleyball introduced as a competitive sport?
Which Olympic sport did Vladimir Putin fly to London to see?
What is the significance of the 5 rings?
In which city were the first modern Olympic games held, in 1896 ?
Over which 16 year period did Steve Redgrave win his 5 consecutive Olympic gold medals?
In total, how many badminton players were disqualified from London 2012?
Where and when did the last Olympics before WWII take place?
In which Olympics did Steve Ovett and Sebastian Coe fight epic battles in the 800 and 1500m races, finishing with a gold each?

General knowledge
What does 'para' mean in Paralympics?
How many countries was Yugoslavia broken up into?
In which Northern English county would you find Richmond?
Which American state has the capital Richmond?
Which actress plays Meg in Family Guy?
Who wrote Catch-22?
What is the second-largest planet in the solar system?
Which Ancient Greek scholar is considered to be the "father of history"?
Including the recent release, how many films are there in the  'Ice Age' series?
As of now, how many Olympic Golds have Team GB won at London2012

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