Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Quiz Questions from Sunday 4th November

Current Affairs
Who plays Q in the new James Bond film?
Which two global publishing companies announced a merger in October?
Which band or artist won the Mercury Music Prize?
Which species of tree is currently threatened by a disease, originating in Denmark?
Which Northern Irish city is the 2013 UK city of culture?
Which two of Lambeth's parks held firework displays on Friday?
Why was Felix Baumgartner in the news in October?
Who lost their sponsorship deal with Nike on 17th October?
Who won the 2012 Booker Prize?
Between then, how many goals did Reading, Arsenal, Man United and Chelsea score on in their matches on 30th/31st October?
Picture Round
The theme was celebrities in fancy dress, mostly taken from coverage of Jonathan Ross' Halloween party, and including Danny Baker, Frank Skinner, Claudia Winkelman, and Stephen Fry

Music Round
Mashups- Teams had to name both artists featured in each track.  For example this one

Obama or Romney?  Who…
Lived abroad for 30 months in his late teens & early 20s
Has or had a family dog called Bo
Married in a civil service in Michigan
Has an honourary degree from the University of Utah
Won a Grammy Award

The US
Which US state has the lowest population density?
In which decade did the American Civil War and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln take place?
Which major American political scandal took place in 1986-87?
Which US initiative provided economic aid to European countries from 1947-51?
In which state would you find the southernmost point of mainland US?

General Knowledge
Which country has the internet domain suffix ZA?
In which decade was the Red Bull energy drink launched?
Who wrote The Day of The Jackal?
Which two Islands are known in the native language as The Larger One and The Smaller One?
Who lost to George W Bush in the 2000 US presidential election?
From what type of flowering plant is vanilla obtained?
Which two continents are separated by the body of water known as Drake Passage?
Apart from football, which other sport did Geoff Hurst play to first-class standard?
With what metal does a whitesmith traditionally work?
What does the following sequence describe, in descending order?  Geoff, Atilla, Desmond, Douglas.

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