Friday, December 21, 2012

Quiz Questions from Sunday 16th December - Special Christmas Quiz

Current Affairs
Which UK city will next year’s Tour de France start from?
Which British comic published its last ever print edition earlier this month?
What number (10th  etc) in line for the throne will the new Royal baby be when it is born?
What % of people currently living in England & Wales were born in other countries (10%)
What musical instrument was Ravi Shankar (who died in December) most famous far?
Lionel Messi last week surpassed the old record of 85 goals in a calendar year, which had stood since 1972.  Who was the previous holder of the record?
3rd December saw a landmark anniversary of the sending of the first text message.  How many years since it was sent?
What prize did Elizabeth Price win earlier this month?
Who is the President of Egypt?
Which company 'volunteered' to contribute some extra tax, following much bad publicity about tax avoidance?

Picture Round
Panto Stars - Pics taken from panto fliers, including Brian Blessed, Su Pollard, and Vanilla Ice

Music Round
The usual Christmas hits, including Slade, Band Aid, Justin Bieber and Michael Buble

It’s Christmas!
Which two celebrity chefs star in the Waitrose Christmas ad?
How many Geese a-laying?
In the cracker joke, what breakfast cereal do cats eat?
Which terrestrial TV channel is showing Eddie Stobart’s Christmas Delivery on Christmas Day?
Which comedian has a DVD on sale this Christmas called Craic Dealer?
According to research by The Grocer magazine, which two of the following Christmas Dinner regulars have risen most in price (% terms) over the last year: Christmas Pudding, Sherry, Sprouts or Turkey?
Which author is currently on course to take the No. 1 slot in the book charts for Christmas?
How many Christmas Trees were ordered for the White House this year: 27, 54 or 100?
What name is given to the expected peak day for online shopping prior to Christmas?
In which European country did the custom of Christmas lights originate?

General Knowledge
In what year was smoking banned in Pubs in the UK? (1pt if one year off)
In which country is Lapland?
What is the name of Will Ferrell’s character in Elf?
Which pop star has perfumes called Purr & Meow?
Which country does Sherry (traditionally) come from?
What was the target of the fatal Mallory & Irvine expedition of 1924?
In which century did the Gt Fire of London, Great Plague and the English Civil war happen?
What poison was the Marsh Test historically used to detect?
Which classic Christmas song was first featured on an album called ‘If I Should Fall From Grace with God’?
What is the first line of the second verse of ‘While Shepherd’s Watched…”

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