Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Quiz Questions from Sunday 3rd February

Current Affairs
Which musician released his first single for 10 years in January on his 66th birthday?
Which actor is currently in a film playing a character known as 24601?
What were the circumstances under which Paul Scholes had his car stolen last week?
How many of these countries have borders with Mali - Algeria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Malawi?
What radio station does Nick Clegg do a weekly phone-in on?
By how much (to nearest 0.1%) did the UK economy contract in the last 3 months of 2012?
Which two teams knocked Aston Villa out of two cup competitions in the space of a week?
A library in Sydney was in the news as it reclassified Lance Armstrong's autobiography as fiction last month: True or False?
What do the letters HMV stand for?
Why did around 25,000 people march in south-east London on 26th January?

Picture Round
The theme (to tie in with Valentine's Day) was movie couples.  Teams had to identify the films, including Bridget Jones, Casablanca and Brassed Off.

Music Round
Sticking with the 'love' theme all songs had the word love in the title, including a run of three different songs called The Power of Love

Who wrote the book that Les Miserables is adapted from?
Which musical is an adaptation of the Shakespeare play The Taming of the Shrew?
What play was the musical My Fair Lady adapted from?
Which action film from 2012 was adapted from a board game?
Who wrote the poems that were adapted into the musical Cats?

6 Nations
Who are the reigning Six Nations Champions?
Which three countries won their opening matches of the tournament this weekend?
In which month does the final round of matches of the tournament take place?
Who holds the Six Nations records for Most Points in a Match and Most in a single Tournament?
Which two Six Nations countries cannot win the Triple Crown?

General Knowledge
Who recorded the jazz album A Love Supreme
What is the first name of boy who owns Woody in the Toy Story films?
What were the 3 largest cities in the UK in 1801? (London + 2 more)
On what morning is Time Out given away outside tube stations?
Who’s taller – Prince Harry, Harry Styles, or Harry Enfield?
At which London sporting venue was the first F.A. Cup Final played, back in 1872?
In which city would you find the UN headquarters?
What links the Effra, Fleet, Westbourne and Tyburn, among others?
To the nearest whole billion $, what was the total money spent on the2012 US Presidential campaign (by both sides)?
Which two Premier League clubs have the lowest % of English speakers (as first language) in their first team squads?

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