Monday, April 08, 2013

Quiz Questions from Sunday 7th April

Current Affairs
Who will represent the UK at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest?
What is the title of the sequel to Finding Nemo, announced last week?
What embarrassing mistake did Lewis Hamilton make at the Malaysian Grand Prix?
What do the initials of the energy regulator OFGEM stand for?
How much did this year’s Red Nose Day raise (to nearest 10%)?
March 2013 was the coldest March since which year?
Which journalist embarrassed Boris Johnson in a TV interview?
Who won the Boat Race?
The mobile phone has just celebrated a landmark anniversary.  How many years ago was the first mobile call made?
Which out of the following is NOT one of the categories in a new class survey out this week: Elite, Emergent Service Worker, Precariat or Squeezed Middle?

Picture Round
Album covers re-created with kittens, taken from this site.  One team got all ten, but many others struggled

Music Round
Pope Names - so Frankie Goes to Hollyhood (Pope Francis). Leo Sayer (Pope Leo, Rachel Stevens (Pope Stephen) and more

Which technology pioneer was the major shareholder in Pixar?
Pixar has released 13 films – If A Bug’s Life is first, what is the 3rd, alphabetically?
Which Pixar film is set in the restaurants of Paris?
In Up, where (precise name) does Carl dream of travelling to?
Which film features a character who is obsessed with the musical Hello Dolly?

Who was brought back to life after an apparently fatal plunge at the Reichenbach Falls?
The 19th Century slang term 'Resurrection Man' describes someone who did what?
Who did Arsenal defeat 7-5 in a match in October, having come back from 4-0 down?
Which aerated chocolate bar was introduced in 1983, withdrawn in 2003 and then relaunched in various forms from 2007 onwards?
According to the Gospel of John, who did Jesus bring back to life, 4 days after his death?

General Knowledge
What is the nearest tube station to Moorfields Eye Hospital?
Which British actor, now in his 40s, was born Marco Giuseppe Salussolia
Mary Seacole was a nurse in which war?
In which decade did David Bowie release his first album?
Which British airport has the 3 letter code LPL?
What does the French term 'Jeu a Treize' historically describe?
Who was the first Englishman to sail right round the World?
Which leader fled to India in 1959, in order to escape the Chinese?
In which of the following rocks would you never find a fossil: coal, granite or sandstone?
The word 'assassin' is derived from an Arabic term meaning 'Hashish Eater': true or false?

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