Monday, June 10, 2013

Quiz Questions from Sunday 2nd June

Current Affairs
What was allowed at the Chelsea Flower Show for the first time this year?
Which American TV show did online film service Netflix bring back from the dead?
How many stages did Mark Cavendish win at the Giro D’ Italia (to nearest stage)
Which website / service did Yahoo buy for $1.1bn last month?
Do NHS patients have a better chance of survival if they get operated on on Mon or Fri?
What is the name of the new book by Dan Brown?
Which country won the Eurovision Song Contest?
Why has Major Tim Peake been in the news?
Who did Crystal Palace beat in the play-off final to secure promotion to the Premier League?
Where has adventurer Nick Hancock set out to live for 60 days?

Picture Round
The (relatively) topical theme was David Beckham's haircuts - teams had to link 10 haircuts with 10 years (inc 2 from 2003 where he had both the Alice Band and the Cornrows)

Due to the special 'silent' nature of the quiz (it was Eng vs BRA on TV) we held off on the music for a month

Historical settings
In which decade was The Great Gatsby (mainly) set?
In which Century was Gladiator set?
In which century is the new Star Trek film set?
In which century is Braveheart set?
In which year is All The Presidents Men set?

How many Ashes Tests will be played in England this summer?
Summer 2012 was the wettest in Britain for 100 years: True or False?
Which year of the 1960s was famous for its 'Summer of Love'?
In the UK, which on average is the warmest of the summer months: June, July or August?
In which summer month does Wimbledon 2013 start?

General Knowledge
In Dad’s Army, what did Bill Partwee’s character refer to Arthur Lowe’s character as?
Put these musicals in chronological order Cats, Evita, Phantom
At what temperature does alcohol (ethanol) boil (10%)
In which state is the US city of St Louis?
Which fashion designer was credited with inventing the ‘A Line’ skirt in the mid 1950s?
Who won the 2013 African Cup of Nations?
What name is given to energy extracted from hot rocks?
What are the 'Roaring Forties', 'Furious Fifties' and 'Screaming Sixties'?
What colour are the benches in the House of Lords?
In which area of London would you find the old Royal Naval College?

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