Thursday, August 08, 2013

Quiz Questions from Sunday 4th August

Current Affairs
What was the weight of the Royal Baby, to the nearest 2oz (imperial only)
What food did W&K eat to recover from birth, reportedly (type, not brand)
Which is the most profitable company out of Apple, Exxon and Facebook (total $ profit)
What foreign (non-UK) holiday destination is most popular with people from the UK?
Which company sponsors Newcastle United?
Which author will appear on the next version of the £10 note?
What was the maximum temperature recorded during the July heatwave, to the nearest whole °C?
Who won the Tour de France?
A woman was fined after taking what into a McDonald's on 20th July?
Under what pseudonym was JK Rowling's new crime novel released?

Picture Round
10 Famous Georges, including Clooney, Orwell and Eliot

Music Round 
Royalty, including Queen, The Fresh Prince, Charles & Eddie, and George Formby

Money Tennis (in honour of the Alan Partridge film)
Who presents [Blank’s] Handmade Treasures, for example trying to make handmade greeting cards?
Is this a real UK TV Show – Cook Me The Money?
What is the title of the show in which Ade Edmondson tours the UK in a MINI, sampling food?
Is this a real UK TV Show – May The Best House Win?
Where was the quiz show Scream if you know the Answer set? (location)

The Ashes
Before this series, who was the last England bowler to take 10 wickets in an Ashes test, in    in 2003?
How tall does the Ashes urn stand (+/- 1cm)
At which ground is the current Ashes Test being played?
Which Australian city hosted the first Test Match ever played, and saw the first appearance of the Ashes urn?
What is the nickname of Darren Lehmann, Australia's coach: is it Biff, Boof or Bash?

General Knowledge
In what decade was the novel 1984 written?
On Ordinance Survey maps what is the symbol for a place where they offer horse riding?
Who directed the film Fight Club?
What plant is Tequila made from ?
Have more UK Big Brother winners been men or women (Ignoring Nadia)
What corrosion-resistant metal was invented by Harry Brearley in 1913?
In the context of Old Age, what is a Supercentenarian?
Which South London park is known for its dinosaurs?
What Turkish strait of water separates Europe from Asia?
Which book / film had Randle P McMurphy as its hero?

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