Friday, September 06, 2013

Quiz Questions from Sunday 1st September

Current affairs
What is pogonophobia?
What is the name of Vauxhall's new car - Adam, Bert, or Eric?
At which sport do people compete for the Solheim Cup?
What is the the current and proposed new upper age limit for jury members?
Complete this joke, named the funniest at Edinburgh 2013 "I heard a rumour that Cadbury is bringing out an oriental chocolate bar."
What percentage of the candidates passed the Liberian university entrance exam last month?
On what date did the badger cull officially start?
What is the name of the helicopter involved in the Shetland crash and other recent incidents?
Which famous speech saw its 50th anniversary marked on 28th August?
Name the Welsh rugby and sports broadcasting legend who died earlier this week?

The theme was people with double barrelled names, including katarina johnson thompson, alex oxlade-chamberlain, and Daniel Day Lewis

The theme was 'Genders' so Naughty Boy, My Girl, Brother Beyond, Scissor Sisters and more

Four letter films
Which film with four letters in the title...
Won the Oscar for best picture this year?
Is set on Amity Island?
Featured Sacha Baron Cohen as a Station Inspector?
Tells the story of Lightning McQueen
From the 60s features a British Secret Agent in Jamaica

Local to Clapham
Which Premier League football club is based closest to the Landor?
Name the new building on Clapham High Street which contains the new Clapham library, other services and flats?
Which industry drove the rapid expansion of Battersea from the mid-19th century?
Which famous anti-slavery campaigner was based in Clapham in the early 19th century?
What nickname is given to the areas immediately to the east and west of Northcote Road?

General Knowledge
What city is Trainspotting (mainly) set in?
In what decade was a footballer first sold for over a million pounds?
What company makes (manufactures) apple products like iPhones and iPads?
Which company was founded first - Ryanair or Easyjet?
Which spirit is used to make Kahlua?
What is the name of the semi-desert region immediately south of the Sahara?
Which institution is associated in the popular mind with "Jam and Jerusalem"?The Carbuncle Cup is awarded as a prize for the worst examples in which field?
Which train journey was famously filmed in 4 minutes in 1953, 1983 and now in 2013?
Which recent publication, perhaps surprisingly, said that 4,000 British pubs could and should close down?

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