Monday, October 21, 2013

Quiz Questions from Sunday 6th October

Current affairs
What is Ed Miliband's dad's first name?
Who is going to be the first Irish man in space?
How many drivers are there over 70 in the UK (nearest 10%)
Why did the New Zealand PM tweet the word 'Bugger' on 25th September?
How many zeros in a Trillion (US version) (Re US deficit)
What is the name of Stephen King's newly published follow-up to The Shining?
Which actor will play the new Landlord of the Queen Vic in Eastenders?
In which city was the Tory party conference held?
What is the name of the new Tesco tablet ?
Russia has captured and accused of piracy activists from which group?

Celebrities sticking their tongues out - Cara, Harry, Sting and more

The theme was numbers, so The 1975, Two Become One, and more

Ad Slogans 
Because you're worth it
A hug in a mug
Life's for sharing
Believe in Better
Good with Money

Cornwall is historically famous for the mining of which metal?
Mercury is the only liquid metallic element at a normal room temperature - but name one
of the other two metallic elements which melts below 30C?
What collective term did alchemists use for the various metals they tried to turn into gold?
Which metal is the densest out of iron, lead or silver?
What alloy is traditionally used to decorate horse harnesses?

General knowledge
The company Aviva was formed by the merger of CGU and which company?
What is the nearest tube station to the Museum of Childhood?
Which kids TV character is in a band called Da Easy Crew?
What is the stage name of the British musician Dylan Mills?
In which 2 decades was Franklin D Roosevelt American President?
In the context of transport, what is the connection between Burnt, Gospel and Royal?
Who described her witness appearance at a war crimes trial as 'A big inconvenience'?
Who wrote 'Around the World in Eighty Days'?
What are the two most published books of all time?
How many time zones are there in Russia?

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