Monday, November 04, 2013

Quiz Questions from Sunday 3rd November

Current Affairs
Which British artist is gving this year’s Radio 4 Reith Lectures?
Complete this sentence from Environment Secretary Owen Patterson “The [blanks] have moved the goalposts”
Extracts of whose autobiography appeared in some copies of the new Bridget Jones book?
Which county will the new Nuclear power station be built in?
How many world leaders did the US bug? (+- 10%)
Name the former paper which has recently re-branded as the International New York Times.
The recent October storm fell on the feast day of which saint?
Which industrial plant in Scot has recently seen a bitter dispute between mgmt & workers?
According to rightmove, by what percentage did house asking prices in London rise between September and October?
Who won the 2013 Mercury music prize?

People with anaimals in their name - Jake Bugg, Zoe Lyons, Alan Lamb, and more

Artists or songs with adjectives in them - Happy Mondays, Musical Youth, Easy Lover, Blurred Lines, and more

Which cake was (reportedly) created in honour of Queen Victoria’s grand-daughter
Which Northern cake is traditionally made of outmeal & black treacle?
Which traditional British cake is made using equal weights of flour, butter, eggs, and sugar?
Which cake is the best selling in Nat Trust cafes -  Chocolate, Coffee & Walnut, Vic Sponge?
In which decade did Mr Kipling’s cakes first appear?

What 3 components make up the 'fire triangle'?
A piece of magnesium metal is burnt, leaving behind a white powder as ash.  Does the ash weigh more or less that the original magnesium?
At which venue is Lambeth's firework display being held this year?
Copper and Barium compounds are used in fireworks to produce which colour?
What name is given to the chemical component of a firework which pushes it through the air?

General Knowledge
How many udders (actually teats) does a cow have?
What is the price of the Guardian, & the Daily Mail (weekday editions)
Which country was formed most recently out of Belize, Qatar, & Zaire?
Which British author wrote the book that the recent film Filth is based on?
How many people (panellists + presenter) feature on BBC’s Question Time?
At what daily time do BBC3 & BBC4 start broadcasting?
What does the abbreviation PDF (as in computer file) stand for?
Which famous crime writer wrote Farewell, My Lovely and the Big Sleep, among others?
How long, in metres, is an Olympic size swimming pool?
The subject of a proposed change, what is the current specified minimum sugar content for jam in the UK?  (Could do to nearest 5% or 10%...)

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