Friday, March 20, 2015

Quiz Questions from Thursday 19th March

Quiz questions from our special quiz in aid of the Lambeth Keep Our NHS Public group:

Current Affairs
Which British designer is the subject of a new exhibition and two new biagraphies?
What was the name of the character (1st & last name) played by Mark Rylance in Wolf Hall?
Why did 11 year old Liam Scholes get sent home from school on 5th March?
How much was cut on a pint of beer at the budget?
Which two film stars appeared on the catwalk at the Valentino show in Paris?
England has concluded a dismal Cricket World Cup campaign, losing 4 and winning 2.  Name the two teams who England did manage to beat.
Which famous south London building was devastated by fire on Friday?
Which local tube station was the scene of a serious accident last week?
The current 'Law, Liberty, Legacy' exhibition at the British Library commemorates a major anniversary of what?
What was the name given to the cyclone which caused devastation in the South Pacific last week?

Doctors & Nurses - Drs Kildaire, Watson, Nick Riviera, Nurses Lee, Ratchett, and others

A medical theme, inc Night Nurse, Doctor Doctor, Rehab, Shayne Ward (Ward - geddit?) and more.

Jeremy or Hunt
Which person called Jeremy or Hunt…
Had his first job as a travelling salesman, selling Paddington Bears?
Is a TV presenter who used to own a restaurant in Australia called D’lish Fish
Is a fictional character who lives in ‘A Slippy, Sloppy House on the edge of a Pond”
Is a fictional policeman in a show set in Manchester in the 1970s
Presented a show called ‘Military Driving School’ on ITV in 2011

What is the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland?
In what decade did the Republic of Ireland become independent from the UK?
When talking about Irish Whiskey, how is whiskey spelt?
Where in London (street or place) was the city's official St Patrick's Day festival held?
According to legend, what did St Patrick drive out of Ireland?

Who was the Minister of Health responsible for the formation of the National Health Service?
If you had suffered a sprain, would you have damaged muscles or ligaments?
Last week the largest ever NHS privatisation was announced.  What was the value of this privatisation - £500m, £780m or £1bn?
Which common painkiller is known as acetaminophen in the United States?
Under which Prime Minister's government was the PFI scheme introduced?
If a doctor's notes used the term 'PAFO' when describing how someone was injured , what would it stand for?
Which health secretary drove through the notorious 2012 Health and Social Care Act?
Which party leader atacked the NHS in the Daily Telegraph last weekend?
What is the number for the non-emergency NHS helpline?
Which country spends the most per head on healthcare: France, the US or UK?

General Knowledge
How many marriages were there in the UK in 2012 (+ or - 10%)
Which British political party was originally called ‘The People’s Party’?
Which 2013 novel features an academic called Don Tillman?
What % of people in the UK work in jobs that did not exist in 1990
Who released a pop album in the 1990s called Jagged Little Pill?
Which Stockwell landmark is Grade II* listed and boasted Europe's largest unsupported roof when it was built?
Name the only two elements which are liquids at room temperature.
2014 was Britain's warmest year on record, with 11 months being slightly or much warmer than average.  What was the warmest month of the year?
Which London brewery was historically based in Wandsworth, before a move to Bedfordshire?
What feat was achieved by Mario Gotze on 13th July 2014?

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