Monday, July 18, 2005

Quiz Questions From 17th July

Round one – Current Affairs

Which American DotCom company celebrated its tenth birthday this week?
Who won the British Grand Prix last week?
Which act did Ricky Gervais introduce at Live8?
What was the score in the final Lions test match against New Zealand?
Which city will host the 2008 Olympics?
What other nation’s food did Jacques Chirac criticise?
Camilla Parker Bowles, Harrison Ford and Patrick Stewart all celebrated birthdays this week – but who is the youngest?
Liverpool beat TNS 3-0 this week – but what does TNS stand for?
What brand is currently being advertised on TV by Jonny Wilkinson?
Who is currently playing the role of Roxie Hart in Chicago in the West End?

[Picture Round]

[Music Round]

Round Four – Specialist Round

Relatives of the famous – what is the name of:

Tony Blair’s middle son?
Author AA Milne’s son?
Film producer Harvey Weinstein’s dad?
Nigella Lawson’s dad?
Mel B’s daughter?

Harry Potter:

What year was the first Harry Potter book published in the UK?
What was the title of the American version of the first Harry Potter book?
What is JK Rowling’s first name?
To the nearest 100 pages, how long is the kids’ edition of the new Harry Potter book?
Who will take over from Richard Harris to play Dumbledore in the next film?

Round Five – General Knowledge

Which US state is known as the Garden State?
What was Roald Dahl’s sequel to Charlie & the Chocolate Factory called?
What is the dialling code for the Republic of Ireland?
What is the upmarket fish and chip shop on Clapham High Street called?
Who was the US president at the time of the first Gulf war?
If you were using Clearasil, what medical condition would you be suffering from?
What does the German word Ausgang mean?
Who directed Close Encounters of the Third Kind?
In which country are the wine regions Barossa Valley and Swan Valley?
What is the cube root of 343?

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