Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Quiz Questions From 7th August

Current Events

What is the nationality of the winner of last week’s €115m EuroMillions Lottery?
Who is the new manager of Millwall?
Who walked out of Big Brother house in July without being evicted?
What is the name of the nanny who claims that she had an affair with Jude Law?
Which sportswear company did adidas agree to buy this week?
In which month will the new licencing laws come into operation in England and Wales?
What is the full title of the new Herbie film?
Which entrepreneur opened the first hotel of a new chain this week?
Which club will Nicky Butt be playing for in the new Premiership season?
Which reality TV personality published a book of ten sexual fantasies in July?


Which sportsman was known as the Great White Shark
Who does the magazine Private Eye refer to as Brenda?
Who does the email newsletter Popbitch refer to as Skeletor?
Which painter was known as Jack the Dripper?
Which Alcoholic beverage is popularly known as Wifebeater?

Space Exploration

What does NASA stand for?
Who was the first woman Astronaut in space?
Who was the first British Astronaut in space?
In what year did man first set foot on the moon?
What is the planet third nearest the Sun?

General Knowledge

What is the currency of Denmark?
What sort of building would you be in if someone was shouting for you to do a grapevine?
Who presents the breakfast show on XFM?
Who wrote the 1970s book Roots?
Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery, Trainspotting and Pulp Fiction all came out in the 1990s – but which was released first?
What does ASBO stand for?
Who invented the jet engine?
What retail unit is on the High Street between Infinity Motorcycles and Jeanette?
What does the Latin word Bibendum mean?
If the first wedding anniversary is traditionally ‘paper’, what is the traditional third wedding anniversary present?

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