Monday, December 19, 2005

Questions From Sunday 18th December

Current Affairs

Who are England playing their first game against in World Cup 2006
What role does David Davis have in the new shadow cabinet?
Which national newspaper does David Blunkett write a column for?Who is currently playing Scrooge at the London Palladium?
In which prison was the American Tookie Williams executed?
Which pop group turned on the Oxford Street lights this year?
Who will replace Sir Trevor McDonald as the main anchor man on ITV News?
Audley Harrison won the Olympic Gold for Boxing in which year?
How many Speed camera sites are there across Britain (to the nearest thousand)?
Who will host the Brit Awards in 2006?


Which country traditionally gives the Christmas tree for Trafalgar Square
Christmas Island was discovered in 1643 – but which ocean is it in?
In the 12 Days of Christmas, how many Lords a Leaping?
In the Christmas cracker joke, how does Bob Marley like his doughnuts?
Which popular film, partly set around Christmas, tells the story of George Bailey?
What is ITV’s big film on Christmas afternoon?
Which BBC1 sitcom is getting a one hour special on Christmas Day?
Gold, Frankincence and Myrrh – but spell Myrrh?
How many calories are there in a Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference mince pie (to nearest 50)?
In which decade was the first Royal Christmas Day Broadcast made?

Review of 2005

Who won this year's Turner Prize?
In which round of Wimbledon was Tim Henman defeated?
Whose penalty kick was saved by Jerzy Dudek in the Champions League final to hand Liverpool victory?
Which country won the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest?
Which movie won 'Best Film' at this year's Oscars?
What has the new Pope taken as his official papal name?
What building did Charles and Camilla get married in?
Which song by which group won ITV's Record of the Year?
Who won this year's Big Brother?
Who won this year's Nobel prize for Literature?

General Knowledge

What is the most common blood group?
Which company or organisation owns the URL
What is the English name for what the French call Crème Anglaise?
How did Alfred Nobel, founder of the Nobel Prize, make most of his money?
Who was the female star of the original film version of King Kong?
Which British actor, born in the mid ‘60s, has appeared in three of the world’s ten biggest grossing films?
Which animal has the most teeth – dolphins, humans or crocodiles?
How many players in each Ryder cup golf team?
Which current premiership manager has been the manager of the most premiership clubs?
Which C list celeb TV presenter has a sister called Santa?

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