Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Questions from Sunday 2nd April

Current Affairs

Who won the Oxford/Cambridge Boat race earlier today?
Who won the Oscar for Best Actor in a leading role?
How much duty did Gordon Brown put on a pint of beer in the budget?
During the first test match against India, which English cricketer scored a century on his test debut?
In which city was the Commonwealth games held?
What are the names of the two teams in this series of The Apprentice?
What is the name of the new national daily Newspaper, launched in March?
How much were the drug testers paid to take part in the tests of TGN1412
What is the lowest placed team still in the FA cup?
Which country’s diplomats were in the new this week for non payment of the congestion charge?

The New Testament

In which town was the feast at which Jesus turned water into wine?
What was the name of Jesus’ cousin who is patron saint of Canada?
What was the profession of Simon (also called Peter) before he became a disciple?
What was the name of the disciple who initially doubted Jesus resurrection?
What are the names of the 4 gospels, in the order in which they appear in the new testament?

Weights and measures

What is the length in cm of a standard (Camel Light) cigarette – to nearest ½ cm?
What is the weight of 1 litre of water, to the nearest 10gm
Which imperial measure is longer out of a furlong, a chain, a perch?
What does Tsp refer to on recipes
If North is 0 degrees, and South is 180 degrees, how many degrees when the compass points to North West?

General Knowledge

What is the 17th letter of the alphabet?
Whose football ground is the closest, as the crow flies, to this pub, out of Chelsea, Chrystal Palace and Millwall?
Who starred as Spiderman in the 2001 film?
What does Circus mean in latin?
Where in the body is the thyroid gland?
How many different families of instruments make up a symphony orchestra?
Which river flows through Budapest?
What star sign does a person have if they are born on 2nd April?
What shirt number does the Hooker wear in Rugby union?
Difficiency in which vitamin is likely to lead to the disease Rickits

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