Monday, May 08, 2006

Questions from Sunday 7th May

Current Affairs

What is the first name of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow’s new baby?
What is the first name of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ new baby?
Which football club did Steve McClaren last play for?
How much money were Man Utd granted by the Lottery Commission to hold lunchtime fitness classes for members of staff?
What is the celebrity Bear Grylls, currently starring in a poster on Clapham North station, famous for?
Who writes the TV drama series The Street (NOT Coronation Street)
How much is the new McDonalds Ham & Cheese toastie?
Which horse won this year’s Grand National at Aintree?
Which band does the ex-Libertine Carl Barat now play with?
Which party now has the most seats in Lambeth Council?

What was the year?

Julie Burchill was born, Livin’ doll was No. 1, and Buddy Holly died
James Nesbit was born, It’s Not Unusual was No. 1, and Winston Churchill died
Raul was born, Yes Sir I Can Boogie (by Baccara) was No. 1, and Charlie Chaplin died
Prince Charles got married, Shakin’ Stevens was No. 1 with Behind the Green Door, and Natalie Wood died
Rudolf Giuliani was knighted, The Ketchup Song was No. 1, and Dudley Moore died


Please draw:
An acute accent
A grave accent
An umlaut
A circumflex accent
A cedilla

General Knowledge

Which ship did Charles Darwin make his most famous voyage of discovery?
In a hospital what do the initials ENT stand for, as in ENT Department?
Which TV actor’s autobiography is called A Likely Story?
Which company owns the URL
Which company has registered the trademark Your Potential – Our Passion
What is the longest road out of the Oxford St, Shaftesbury Avenue, and Clapham High Street,
If the time is 2.30, how many degrees is the hour hand at?
What gender was Red Rum?
What is the most common voltage for electrical appliances in the US (to the nearest 5 volts)
Where was the original location of Marble Arch (Street)?

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