Monday, April 07, 2008

Quiz Questions from Sunday 6th April 2008

Current affairs

Which horse won Saturday’s Grand National?
How much money, to the nearest £50,000 did the M*****’s win from ******* ********** for false allegations?
& how much, to the nearest £3m did Heather mills receive from Paul McCartney?
Why are thousands of Americans currently acting in a play called ‘Before the Ban’?
Which artist is currently exhibiting a urinal at The Tate – Damien Hirst, Marcel Duchamp, or Georges Remi?
Which American bank ‘did a Northern Rock’ and had to be rescued?
What nationality is the French President’s wife, Carla Bruni?
Fans of which football club this season are singing the song ‘Feed the Yak’?
How did 13 year old Tom Daley make history last month?
Which British politician confessed / boasted of just under 30 sexual partners?

Picture Round

The theme of the picture round was Men in Drag - play along here

Music Round

This month's theme was Jobs and Occupations, featuring songs by Village People, Soulja Boy, Joan Armatrading, Billy Bragg (which only one team got), The Waterboys (ditto), and Princess Superstar


What is the main alcoholic ingredient of Bloody Mary?
Which ingredient makes a Black Russian Black?
Which fruit juice is central to a Tequila Sunrise?
The leaves of which plant are used in a Mohito?
Which fruit juice (or schnapps) is used in a bellini?

The London Mayoral Election

Who is the Liberal Democrat’s candidate in the London Mayoral elections?
Which magazine did Tory candidate Boris Johnson used to edit?
How many children does Labour candidate Ken Livingstone have?
What colour is Ken Livingstone using to represent himself in posters and election literature?
What is the date of the election?

General knowledge

Which kids TV show features the character Iggle Piggle?
Which European country has a statue of the writer Ken Follett?
Who was the father of Mary, Queen of Scots?
Which one of the following feeds isn’t primarily from the meat of a pig – chorizo, proscuitto, or Polenta?
On the stock market, does a bear think the price of shares is going to go up, or down?
In the comic Viz, what amazing item of clothing did Felix possess?
On betting, what are the most advantageous odds to the gambler, out of 2-1, 9-4 and 11-6?
How many original band members were there in The Who?
What is the name of the grill used as a doorway in many castles, that could be raised to let visitors in?
In There is Something About Mary, why is Ben Stiller’s character taken to hospital in the first ten minutes?

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