Monday, April 07, 2008

& the winners were...

Hellcatmudwrestler with 89%, followed by My IQ is... with 88%, and then Heff's Heroes with 86%. Hubert Grovers were the top team of two people with 81%. Good job the music round was so hard, or people would have been getting in the 90s!

There was a bit of debate over the question 'What ingredient makes a Black Russian black?' The official answer was Kaluha, as a traditional Black Russian is just 2 parts of vodka mixed with one part of Kaluha, over ice. However these days many bars turn it into a long drink (& reduce the level of alcohol) by diluting it with Coca Cola. But I let people have the points for the 'cola' answer.

See a couple of 'non-Coke' recipes here and here

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