Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Quiz Questions from Sunday 4th May 2008

Current Affairs

Which record did David Blaine break last week?
How many English players scored in last week’s Champions League semi finals?
Which world leader flies in the plane Shepherd 1?
Which British actress named the new cruise liner P&O Ventura?
Which one of the following is not in the new series of Gladiators – Oblivion, BattleAxe, Africa, Tornado?
Which British Politician appeared in an episode of American Idol in April?
& which American politician appeared in the US edition of Deal or No Deal?
How many years in prison were the Royal blackmailers each sentenced to?
Which chocolate company bought the Wrigley’s gum company in April?
What is the name of the fictional city in the new GTA game?

Picture Round

This month's picture round was on breeds of dog. Play along here

Music Round

A music round with a difference - 10 duets, but instead of naming the artist and the song title, teams had to identify both singers in each case. Duetting artists included Elton John & Kiki Dee, Madonna & Justin Timberlake, Iggy Pop & Debbie Harry, Dre and Snoop, and Willie Nelson & Julio Iglesias.

Band Names

Which film gave the band McFly their name?
What are the Kaiser Chiefs (original meaning)?
A song by which band gave Radiohead their name?
What is Pearl Jam?
In medical terms, what does REM stand for?

Boris or Johnson

Which Boris or Johnson…
First won a Wimbledon singles final at the age of 17?
Was the 36th President of the USA?
Was an actor, born William Henry Pratt, and most famous for horror films?
Was the writer of the plays Volpone and The Alchemist?
Is a prominent American activist for HIV prevention and safe sex?

General knowledge

What physical activity do you need a PADI certificate for?
Which company is the world’s largest manufacturer of digital cameras?
Which country do the Faroe Islands belong to?
What product does the company YKK make?
In law, what is a McKenzie’s Friend?
On a guitar, what string is directly below the D string?
& on a typewriter keyboard, which letter is directly to the right of the D key?
Who is tallest out of TV presenter Tim Lovejoy, Tennis player Tim Henman, and Former England footballer Tim Flowers?
Which British bank has trademarked the term ‘Hole in the Wall’ to describe cash points?
In the film Se7en, what is in the box?

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