Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quiz Questions from Sunday 19th December - Christmas Quiz

Current Affairs
Who is Shane Warne’s new girlfriend (although maybe not any more)?
Which of these areas in the UK suffers most from obesity – East Midlands, North West, or South Wales?
What style of art (e.g. painting, sculpture) is practiced by this year’s Turner Prize winner?
Name 2 members (1st name only) of One Direction
Which UK city is opening its own embassy in London next year?
How many votes did England get in the first round of World Cup voting?
Name the justice secretary?
Which Egyptian resort recently suffered a spate of shark attacks?
What were Charles and Camilla on their way to when their car was attacked?
Which politician was forced to cancel a trip to Sri lanka after controversy?

Picture Round

Music Round
The theme was Christmas mashups, some taken from here
Teams had to identify both songs in each mashup, but not the artists.

Complete the next line:  “Good tidings we bring...”
Which popular lager was originally launched in the 1920s as a Christmas beer?
How many Maids a-Milking?
Which film is the sponsor of this year’s Regent Street Christmas lights?
On what date do Germans celebrate Christmas?
In which Australian city are England playing this year's Boxing Day test?
in which century was thr Christmas tree introduced to the UK?
What was lost on Mars on Christmas day 2003?
By what name is St Stephen's day better known?
How many Premier League football matches are programmed for Boxing Day 2010 (within 2)?

General Knowledge
In the Christmas favourite The Wizard of Oz, what does the Tin Man ask The Wizard for – Brain, courage, or heart?
In which country would you find the mountain range the Bungle Bungles?
What does the word Lego mean in Danish?
Name Homer Simpson’s dad (not Grandpa!)
What is the nickname of the QPR footballer Fitz Hall?
What drove the Kings of Leon from the stage at a concert in summer 2010: pigeon droppings from above, missiles from the crowd or a power failure?
90% of the UK's blackcurrant harvest is sold to which company?
What opened as Clapham Road station in 1900?
Which has the larger land area out of Antarctica and Australia?
In which century was Antarctica discovered, and the first landing made?

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