Monday, December 13, 2010

Quiz Questions from Sunday 5th December

Current Affairs

What is the date of the Royal Wedding?
What is Prince William’s nickname for Kate?
Which London store planned & then abandoned a promo with live Penguins?
Which four countries make up the acronym PIGS?
How did President Obama come to need 5 stitches on his lip?
Name the 2 countries which England beat at rugby during the recent Autumn internationals?
Name the Irish Prime Minister
Tory Howard Flight got into trouble for a claim that government policies might cause the poor to do what?
Which 'I'm a celebrity' contestant is notorious for a bought PhD?
Which area of London's bishop fiercely criticised the royal; wedding?

Picture Round
[Coming Soon]

Music Round
The Theme was transport, so lots of stuff like LEaving on a Jet Plane, Joe Le Taxi, and - um - Van Halen

So good they named it twice
Which 1980s pop group had a number one single with Girls on Film?
Which company’s product would you use if you were lost?
Which mountain range would you find in Pernululu National Park, Australia?
Which illness is caused by a deficiency of vitamin B?
Name a popular means of transport in Thailand

The ashes
Which Australian ended his career in an Ashes test, with an average of 99.94?
What nickname was given to the controversial English tactic of leg-theory, used against Australia in the 1930s?
Which opinionated player and now commentator scored his 100th hundred at his home ground of Headingley, in an Ashes match?
In which decade did the Ashes legend begin: 1880s, 1900s or 1920s?
In which Australian city did the first Ashes test of the current series take place?

General Knowledge
Who won the first series of X Factor?
What is the nationality of hairdresser Vidal Sassoon?
How is rock star Ian Kilminster more commonly known?
How many men have ever walked on the moon? (To the nearest 2
Which artist created the Peanuts cartoons?
Which 3 months do UK meteorologists consider to constitute Autumn for technical purposes?
Which American is the most popular author on facebook, in terms of the most fans?
The A23 links which two cities?
Which American writer's autobiography is now being published exactly 100 years after his death?
What is the record time for travelling to every single tube station (+/- 10%)

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