Thursday, December 19, 2013

Quiz Questions from Sunday 15th December - Christmas Quiz

Current Affairs
What sort of pet did George Osbourne get earlier this month?
Who or what is ‘Team Cupcake’?
Pope Francis was Time magazine’s person of the year – but who came second?
What musical instrument did Ed Balls play in public earlier this month?
Foreign dignitaries from the US, Cuba, and where else in the Americas spoke at Mandela’s Funeral?
What was Nelson Mandela's clan name, which he was frequently referred
Who is the President of Ukraine?
What was the fastest mph wind speed recorded in the UK during this month's major winter storm (+/-10%)?
Which country has seen French military intervention in recent weeks?
Which country this week announced it would submit a claim to the North Pole to the UN?

Picture Round 
Christmas films, inc 5 pics of different santas

Christmas songs.  The hardest was Erasure's new one...

In the 12 days of Christmas, what comes between Maids a Milking, and Geese a Laying?
True or False – the week before Christmas is the biggest sales week in the UK for Heinz Ketchup
Which channel is showing Bear’s Wild Weekend with Stephen Fry on Christmas Day?
In the Christmas Cracker joke, what did the piece of cheese say when he saw himself in the mirror?
Do Brussels Sprouts contain more carbs, or more protein?
From which country does the carol 'Silent Night' originally come?
What is traditionally broadcast from King's College Cambridge on Christmas Eve?
Which film starring David Bowie centres around a Japanese POW camp in WWII?
To the nearest week, how many weeks ago were the Oxford Street Christmas lights switched on?
In what year (ending in 3) was Channel 4's Alternative Christmas Message first broadcast?

General Knowledge
In a hospital, what does ENT stand for?
In which year did Rage Against The Machine get Christmas number one?
What postcode (1st 4 letters) is Tooting?
Which 80s BBC1 sitcom is returning for a Christmas Special this year?
What, unusually, was installed to light the Norwegian town of Rjukan in October 2013?
What nickname is given to the 7th Armoured Brigade?
On average, which month out of May or October is warmer in London?
In which continent would you find the Atlas Mountains?
Who won the Booker Prize in 2013?
How many of Noel Edmonds, Noel Fielding and Noel Gallagher were born on Christmas day?

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