Friday, December 06, 2013

Quiz Questions from Sunday 1st December

Current Affairs
What, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is the word of 2013?
Where did the Olympic torch go for the first time ever in November?
Ryan Giggs is 40.  Name 2 other people over 40 who have played in the premiership
In which year is TFL proposing to introduce a 24 hour a day weekend tube service?
Name the electronic virtual currency that has risen 80 fold in 2013
Jockey AP McCoy celebrated which major sporting landmark in November?
Which city saw its Mayor stripped of his powers after crack-smoking, drunkenness and other bizarre incidents?
In how many seconds did the first Monty Python reunion show sell out?    (+/-10%)
Which country legalised the marijuana trade in November?
In which European city was the nuclear deal struck with Iran?

Picture Road
10 Map outlines, ranging from the easy (Italy) to the hard (Netherlands)

Music Round
10 songs that were number one at the time of a new Doctor Who, ranging from The Beatles (Willam Hartnell) to Joe McElderry (Matt Smith)

Celebrity Books
Which British comedian’s autobiography is called ‘Bonkers – My Life in Laughs’
Which British sportsman’s autobiography is called ’77 Years’?
Which of the 3 Top Gear presenters does NOT have a book out this year?
Who reads the audiobook of Morrissey’s book – David Morrissey, Neil M, Steven M?
Which American sportsman’s book is called Undisputed Truth?

Film Settings
Which films are set wholly or partly at following locations:
Amity Island?
the Winchester pub?
Rick's Café Américain?
The U-96?
Texas Motor Speedway?

General Knowledge
Which Red Hot Chilli Peppers album that first featured the track Under The Bridge?
Which British actor was born Krishha Banjee?
Which country is Transylvania in?
Which cinema chain bought Picturehouse Cinemas earlier this year?
What is a single corrective eyepiece (i.e. just for one eye) called?
Name 2 of the 3 main London terminus stations, from where it's possible to catch a direct train to Dorking?
What is the predominant fruit found in Eve's Pudding?
If catching a direct bus from Clapham Common station to Clapham Junction station, you have 3 options.  Name 2 of these 3 route numbers.
The deaths of two well-known sixtysomething English writers were overshadowed by the death of JFK on the same day?  Name one of the writers.
What name is given to a person from Hull?

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