Monday, February 03, 2014

Quiz Questions from Sunday 2nd February - Our Final Quiz

Current Affairs
Which two films both have 10 nominations at this year’s Oscars
Which fast food / snack brand is now Liverpool FC’s official coffee, tea and bakery provider?
What is the name of the gesture that got Nicolas Anelka into trouble?
Which country is Vanessa Mae representing at the Winter Olympics?
What was the Japanese man Hiroo Onoda, who died in January, ‘s claim to fame?
According to a recent report, what was the most commonly used password of 2013: letmein, qwerty or 123456 (all 3 featured in the top 15)?
Which former basketball star has attracted controversy for his recent visit to North Korea?
What name does Alex James (formerly of Blur) plan to give the new range of drinks he is launching?
Which 3 teams won their opening Six Nations games this weekend?
Why have Valerie Trierweiler and Julie Gayet been in the news recently?

Picture Round
As this was out last quiz, the theme was 'Deartures' so anything from Harold Wilson leaving Downing Street, to Nelson Mandela's funeral

Music Round
I'd thought about doing 'final singles' from bands like Oasis, The Jam, etc, but in the end went for 'Hits of 2005' which was the year we started the quiz

Final Works
What was the last film that Stanley Kubrick directed?
The Captain and The Enemy, published in 1988 was the final novel by which British writer?
What was the final Beatles studio album – Abbey Road, Help, or Let it Be
What was David Beckham’s final professional football club?
What was Heath Ledger’s final film, which was filming while he died?

New Beginnings
What chat show host was previously a City Mayor and a News Anchor?
What sport did Michael Jordan play during two years spent away from basketball?
In what did Vinnie Jones make his film debut?
Who kept goal for Coventry City, later became a sports presenter and after that, a leading conspiracy theorist?
Who famously said that he was "leaving parliament in order to spend more time on politics"?

General Knowledge
Which toy company was founded by Harold Matson and Elliot Handler?
Which restaurant chain was founded by Robert Brozin and Fernando Duarte
Who is tallest out of Vinnie Jones, Tommy Lee Jones and Catherine Zeta Jones?
In which sport does the Duckworth Lewis rule apply?
How many letters are there in the word Kat*****?
Crisps were invented when an enraged chef gave a customer fries thinly sliced, overcooked and over-salted as an insult: true or false?
Which country's fleet was attacked by the British navy at Mers-el-Kébir in 1940?
In the film Austin Powers, what fraction of Dr Evil's size was Mini-Me?
Who wrote 'Around the World in Eighty Days'?
What are the two most published books of all time?

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