Monday, February 03, 2014

& the winners were...

Old Hamtonwellians with 83%, followed by Toby's Tigers with 74%.  Captain Birdseye & His Bitches came 3rd on 73%, after winning a tie break question with Village Idiots.

We then did a 7 questions play off to determine the winner of the rollover jakcpot.  The questions were:

What is the record for 100m run in high heels?
What year and month were Leonardo Dicaprio born in?
How much did an Apple Mac cost when first on sale in 1984?
What is the length of the M8?
How many pages does the standard paperback edition of One Day have?
How long is James Blunt's single You're Beautiful?
What is the average beer consumption per head in the Czech Republic?

After all of these Rupert from Old Hamtonwellians was declared the winner - a good double for them!

Thanks to everyone who played over the last seven and a half years!

Dan & Steve

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