Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Quiz Questions From 4th September

Current Affairs

What is the name of the food company at the centre of the BA dispute?
Which newspaper is being sued by a woman who claims she never slept with Wayne Rooney?
Who did Steve Coogan allegedly impregnate according to press reports last month?
Which TV ads feature a couple called Kev and Bev?
Who is Keanu Reeves going out with?
Which sculptor’s statue will be put on the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square in September?
What is the title of Russell Crowe’s new film, out next week?
The actor Michael Sheard died this week. For which long running BBC series is he most famous?
How many times has Kenneth Clark stood to be leader of the conservative party, including this time?
How much will the cheapest music download cost from

Public Holidays

What day of the week was Christmas Day in 2004 (in England)?
In which month did Chinese New Year fall in 2005?
In what month is US Thanksgiving Day?
In what month is Bastille Day in France?
In which month did Australia Day fall in 2005?

General Knowledge

Which single sold the most in the UK – Evergreen by Will Young, Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, or Barbie Girl by Aqua?
How many states in the US begin with the letter I?
How many English counties begin with the letter D?
What is the morse code for the letter S
What is the Danish name for Donald Duck?
Which legendary English cricketer, who retired in 1934, is commemorated by a blue plaque in Englewood Road, Clapham South
What is the name of the Japanese Restaurant in Voltaire Road
What was the European Car of the year 2005?
Who wrote the play The Importance of Being Ernest?
Which company was the sponsor of the first British series of Big Brother?

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