Thursday, October 06, 2005

Quiz Questions From 2nd October

Current Affairs
Which celebrity got married at Rotherfield Greys, near Henley-on-Thames?
How many runs did Kevin Pietersen score in his final innings at the oval?
What is the title of the new film directed by Guy Richie?
What is the title of the new play directed by Mike Leigh at the National Theatre?
Who was named female rear of the year in September?
Who was named male rear of the year in September?
Where is the Labour party conference being held?
What did Roy Keane injure that is keeping him out of the MU team?
How old is Fernando Alonso, the youngest F1 champion?
Whose autobiography, published in September, is called Bigger Than Hitler, Better Than Christ?

Human Anatomy
How many pairs of ribs does the average man have?
How many chambers are there in the heart?
What is the common name for the tibia?
What are white blood cells called?
Where are the deltoid muscles?
TV Detectives
Which special unit do Bodie and Doyle work for in 'The Professionals'
What town is A Touch of Frost set in?
What are Dalziel and Pascoes' first names?
Name the English seaside town which links a police captain with a famous Agatha Christie sleuth?
Which actor links the American cop shows 'Hill Street Blues' and 'NYPD Blue' as a regular?

General Knowledge
Who wrote the book Swallows and Amazons?
If it is 7am in the UK, what time is it in Boston (USA)
What is the national airline of Spain?
What zone is Boston Manor on the Piccadilly Line in?
Who is tallest out of Vinnie Jones, Tommy Lee Jones and Catherine Zeta Jones?
In which country is the Mojave Desert?
In which year was Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated?
What is the name of the Bakery in Landor Road?
On which evenings is Blue Peter shown on BBC1
What is the cover price of the Big Issue?

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