Monday, November 07, 2005

Quiz Questions From 6th November

Current Affairs

Whose life story is told in the book Margrave of the Marshes?
Which bridge over the Thames is currently closed after being hit by a barge
What anniversary is the Gunpowder plot celebrating this year?
Whose new single is called I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor?
Whose new album is called Confessions From The Dancefloor?
The new video iPod was launched last month – but how much memory has the most expensive model got?
Which ‘celeb’ won the final of Ant & Dec’s gameshow marathon?
Who does the voice of Wallace in the new W&G film?
England won Group 6 of the World cup qualifiers – but who lost?
Which mobile phone company offers ‘Mates Rates’?

James Bond Films

Who will play James Bond in the new film of Casino Royale?
What is the name of the microlight flown by James bond in You Only Live Twice?
Who sang the theme tune to Thunderball?
How many Bond films did Pierce Brosnan make?
What unusual physical feature did Scaramanga have in The Man With The Golden Gun?


In which year was the battle fought?
Who was the Emperor of France at the time?
Who was the British Prime Minister at the time?
Where is HMS Victory today?
What was the first name of Nelson's daughter by Emma Hamilton?

General Knowledge

Which band does the drummer Will Champion play in?
Which motorway goes directly between Edinburgh and Glasgow?
What sport is the film Dogtown and the Z-Boys, and the TV series The Lords of Dogtown about?
Who is the oldest out of Terry Wogan, Snooker player Terry Griffiths, and Terry Jones from Monty Python?
How much does a first class stamp cost?
Which company is the main sponsor of Aston Villa FC?
How many cinema screens has the Clapham Picture House got?
Who wrote the opera The Barber of Seville?
Who was the US president after Richard Nixon?
What is the chemical symbol for Carbon Dioxide?

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